We’d love to help out! Give us an opportunity to take your child into the world of Vedic Math. It’s fun, interesting and captivating to learn.

You may have many questions for us. We’ve tried our best to answer some below.

1. What is Vedic Math?

These are a collection of vedic sutras that will help solve math problems faster and in an easier way

2. Is it different from regular mathematics?

Yes it is.

3. How is it different?

Using regular math to solve problems may be time consuming and complex.

Calculations using vedic math is super fun and…

Public speaking is one of those really cool ways of expressing your ideas/thoughts to people.

A good public speaker can find it easy to sell himself/herself in a job interview, or grow the business better by making great presentations and/or forging social/business contacts and form strong collaborations.

Public speaking is a great way of talking about your work, your job, your ideas, thoughts or even selling yourself. It is an asset that will help advance your career or even your personal relationships.

However, most people are scared of public speaking. In fact, public speaking is most feared in the world.

Is marketing easy to understand and learn for someone who is new to it?

Or is it as big a deal as it is made to be?

Can a homemaker like me comprehend the “what” and “how” of marketing?

If these questions have been on top of your mind, this write-up will help understand marketing in the most basic and simple way.

Many people think that learning marketing will involve complex idea generation, innovative strategies, perfect messaging, branding, etc.

I have been one of them.

In the past, while I was working at an MNC, terms like MROI, KPC, CPA…

Disclaimer: This write-up is a part of an assignment under Digital Deepak’s Internship Program. The intention of this article is to create a personal vision/goal.

August 8, 2025: Entrepreneurship is all about providing value to people. Each one of us has the ability to create something or provide some service that can improve the overall quality of others’ lives. One such entrepreneur is Archana Avinash.

Archana Avinash is the Founder Director of DigiArch Learnings, a consultancy specializing in building and training content marketing and copywriting skillsets. …

What do you plan to do once the lockdown is lifted? With my mind working overtime trying to fight the boredom, I start to wonder how the new normal for all of us will be in the coming days. I call my friends and family to ask how they would treat themselves once this ‘cabin fever’ is over.

While some say they want to eat at their favourite restaurant, most of them gush that they couldn’t wait to go to a mall. Mentally armed with the new findings from my funny research, I start to wonder the kind of people…

Archana Krishnamurthy

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